Oldham Prevention Alliance is a network of local services who work with the over 50s or have an interest in helping people 'age well' in Oldham.

Members meet regularly to make new contacts, find out about new developments and share information.  

Membership of Oldham Prevention Alliance is free and is open to statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations and community groups working with the over 50s. Members are invited to attend regular informal meetings and to be part of an informative email network.

We meet every 2 months and send out information updates to keep people up to date with changes and developments.  We also invite our members to take part in our Winter event (in partnership with Oldham Council) as well as any other opportunities for joint working throughout the year.


Nicola Shore 

Phone: 0161 622 0213

Email: nicola.shore@ageukoldham.org.uk