Age UK Oldham has a trusted history with older people in Oldham and our IT Care Service can assist you with problems with your 'tech'!

So don’t write off your laptop or computer just yet - for just a little outlay we may be able to give your equipment a new lease of life!

Over 1 million older people living in the UK today feel lonely, out of touch and cut off from society. 
It’s hard to imagine that people can feel this way in a world of emails, Facebook and Skype. But imagine your life without the internet. What if you couldn't stay in touch with your friends, family and find information and help instantly? This is the reality for many older people who live in isolation and loneliness.
Our Technology and Us classes enhance later life, so we don’t simply teach people how to use a computer, we look for the reason they need to use technology and then show them how to do it, personally tailored for each participant. 
We understand that everyone learns at different speeds and our person centred learning approach puts the learner in control as they don’t need to sit through hours of tuition they don’t need to know.

Our  IT Care Service can assist older people who may be experiencing problems with their computers, laptops and printers and provide customers with the latest techniques to solve connection problems.

Our qualified technician has over ten years experience and is fully certified in hardware, software and network security.

What we can do:

  • Replace damaged hardware 
  • Upgrade hard drives
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Broadband and internet connection problems
  • Broken laptop screens
  • Virus and spyware removal 
  • Computer Optimization Clean up and service – remove corrupt files which will slow down the performance of your computer
  • Printer and Peripheral Problems
  • Data Loss and recovery 

Our low cost charges are: 

You can bring your equipment to us at Chadderton Over 60’s Centre :

  • Repairs and upgrades - £25:00 + parts or a nominal fee of £15:00 if we cannot fix your equipment
  • Optimization clean up and service -  £25:00 
  • Printer & peripheral problems - £25:00
  • Data loss and recovery - £30:00 to £70:00
  • Broadband and internet connection problems fixed at home - £25:00

We can also arrange to collect and deliver your equipment once its been repaired or upgraded for an additional collect & delivery charge of £10:00


Maggie or Mark

Phone: 0161 622 0213