Holidays & travel

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Everyone deserves a holiday. Time to relax, enjoy yourself and explore new places.

  • Mobility and care

    Travel and relax on holiday with complete confidence that the hotel, cottage, lodge or apartment you choose will suit your every need.
  • Singles

    Whatever holiday you’ve got in mind, going it alone can be a challenge, a wonderful group of solo travellers to holiday with, can be the answer.
  • UK breaks

    Why not enjoy a short break at home, visit a lovely town or city, or maybe explore a new part of the country?
  • Escorted tours Europe

    Escorted tours are a fantastic way to really experience the country or region you’re visiting.
  • Escorted tours worldwide

    Explore the world and see wonderful sights, with all the logistics managed for you.
  • City breaks

    There is so much to explore and enjoy within the major world cities when you are in safe, knowledgeable hands.
  • Ocean cruising - large ships

    The options for cruises are almost endless. Choose your perfect voyage.
  • Ocean cruising - small ships

    Enjoy the delights of small ship cruising, taking in unknown small ports.
  • Garden

    Whether in Europe, China or beyond, visit the gardens of your dreams.
  • Community

    Great weather, good value and the chance to socialize with other travellers.
  • Mediterranean

    With glorious beaches, wonderful resorts and sightseeing too, what could be better than a holiday by the Med?
  • Rail

    Take the train to explore remarkable destinations, travelling through beautiful landscapes and magical cities.
  • River cruising

    Cruise straight into the heart of the magnificent cities and landscapes every day of your adventure.
  • Tailor-made

    Design your very own perfect holiday with the help of our specialist partners.
  • Beach

    What could be more wonderful than picture postcard white, sandy beaches, gloriously warm seas and a truly friendly welcome?
  • Cycling

    Exercise whilst exploring, in a friendly group on these delightful cycle routes.
  • Lakes and mountains

    Wonderful scenery, glorious air and breath-taking views, what could be better? Visit Europe at its finest.
  • Long haul

    Travelling to the other side of the world is exciting, with so many new experiences to enjoy and places to visit.
  • Walking

    Get to know your destination properly by walking through the countryside at your own pace.
  • National Trust

    The most beautiful houses, gardens and coastlines in the UK are part of this charity. Join the partnership tours to experience these special places.
  • Camping

    A great way to enjoy Europe, without staying in a hotel.
  • Battlefield tours

    Commemorative tours to visit European sites and museums, with informative guides.
  • Villas

    For privacy and a home from home, villas and self catering holidays are the answer.
  • Special interest holidays

    How about a holiday to suit your interest and hobbies?
  • Respite holidays

    When it’s time for a break and change of scene from caring duties, these holidays can offer an answer.