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Travel Insurance with medical conditions

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Age UK Travel Insurance is provided by Ageas Insurance Limited.

Buying this product supports Age UK’s charitable work.

Older travellers generally and, more particularly‚ those who have ailments‚ find it more difficult to obtain the holiday insurance they need for pre-existing medical conditions.

That's why Age UK Travel Insurance has no upper age limit and offers you holiday insurance for pre-existing medical conditions wherever possible. Choose a Single Trip policy, or an Annual Multi-trip policy if you are a regular traveller.Man with his grandson on bikes

Age UK's view is to provide customers with the appropriate travel insurance they need and believes that:

  • Age alone is not a reason to restrict or refuse cover, and there is no need to exclude cover for many medical conditions, which can and should be covered.
  • Travel insurance is not a 'luxury' – it is an essential element of any trip or holiday‚ whether travelling in the UK or jetting off to an exotic location.

†Subject to medical screening and acceptance by underwriters. Medical exclusions may apply and acceptance is not guaranteed. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to this insurance.

If you have pre-existing conditions before applying for insurance, you and each person to be insured must consider the following:

Medical exclusions

If it was known to you when you took out the policy (or booked a trip, if later) that any person on whom the trip depends

  • has received a terminal prognosis; or
  • is waiting for an operation, hospital consultation, the results of any hospital tests or investigations, (other than for regular check-ups for a stable condition) or is waiting for or receiving hospital treatment;
  • if any person named on the policy is travelling against medical advice or for the purpose of obtaining treatment.

then you will not be covered for any of the claims under:

  • Section 1 (if your trip is cancelled)
  • Section 2 (if your trip is cut short)
  • Section 5 (medical and other expenses)
  • Section 6 (hospital benefit)

If you are unsure of an answer to a medical screening question, please contact your GP for further clarification.

Please refer to the policy booklet for more information.

What about my medical condition?

If you are travelling outside the United Kingdom‚ you will be asked the following questions about your medical condition(s). If your answer is YES to any of the questions below‚ you will be asked for more information about your condition to establish if full cover can be provided and the premium required. You will NOT be covered if at the time of taking out this travel insurance you answer YES to any of these questions and fail to disclose your pre-existing medical conditions.

You will need to tell us about ALL Existing Medical Conditions if any person named on the policy:

  • has been diagnosed with, or treated for, any form of cancer, leukemia or tumour within the last 5 years;
  • has ever been treated or prescribed medication for:
    i) a breathing condition (asthma need only be declared if it has required hospital treatment, or the use of a nebuliser, or supplementary oxygen);
    ii) a heart or cardiac related condition;
    iii) a circulatory condition such as Deep Vein Thrombosis or a Stroke;
    iv) diabetes
  • has, within the last year, been admitted overnight as a hospital in-patient, or had any hospital tests or investigation;
  • has, within the last year, been referred to a specialist consultant.

If you are unsure of an answer to a medical screening question, please contact your GP for further clarification.

Please refer to the policy booklet for more information.

Changes to your health

(Applies to Annual Multi-trip policies only)

You must call Ageas Insurance Limited on 0845 128 8008 if, after taking out this policy, any person named on the policy:

  • develops a condition or experiences any of the circumstances above;
  • has a change in the medical conditions that have already been declared to us.

You will be advised if cover cannot continue and you may be entitled to claim for the cost of cancelling your travel arrangements. Insurers reserve the right to amend the terms of your policy, or cancel it providing you with a pro-rata refund of premium.

Please refer to the policy booklet for more information.

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Age UK Travel Insurance is provided by Ageas Insurance Limited.

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