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Speaker at For Later Life 2015

For Later Life 2015 took place on Wednesday 18 November in London. The theme of the conference was brain ageing and dementia.

Over 300 delegates joined Age UK to share information about the factors that influence healthy brain ageing, as well as looking at some of the new and innovative products and services that are enabling older people and their families to live as well as possible with dementia and cognitive decline.

Why brain ageing and dementia?

The importance of keeping physically fit as we get older is increasingly well understood. However, when it comes to looking after our brains things are very different: fear of dementia now outweighs that of cancer and few realise that there are simple things we can do to reduce our risks and to sustain good brain health as we age. There is a huge public health opportunity here waiting to be grasped as new research data is becoming available thick and fast, much of it from Age UK and Edinburgh University's Disconnected Mind programme.

Although serious cognitive decline is not inevitable in old age the fact remains that significant numbers do experience it, and in an ageing society these numbers can only grow. How can our health and care services best help these older people to live as well as possible, bearing in mind that they will usually be managing other long term health conditions like diabetes or heart disease too?

And what are the implications for other public services and for the private sector? For example, how can the financial services industry offer a good service to older people experiencing significant cognitive decline, while appropriately recognising their impairments and helping to protect them against the risk of being scammed?

Age UK’s annual conference showcased new approaches in the prevention and treatment of age-related cognitive impairment, innovative policy proposals and promising practice ideas, and the latest, hot-off-the-press research findings.

For Later Life 2015 full summary (318KB)

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Snapshot of delegate feedback

'Excellent conference, best dementia related conference I've been to this year. Nice to see it was about real people and real projects, not all stats and research'

'One of the best conferences I have ever attended!'

'First class conference as usual for Age UK'

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