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The Global Agenda Council on Ageing is part of the World Economic Forum; a not-for-profit foundation formed to strategically shape global, regional, national and industry agendas.

The Forum helps political, business and other leaders of society to improve the state of the world, serving as an independent and impartial partner and acting as the officially recognised International Institution for Public-Private Cooperation.

Over the next four decades, rapid ageing of populations will be one of the most powerful transformative forces affecting society. Although this demographic shift first started in developed economies, it is fast becoming a global challenge.

It is vital that key actors fully understand the current and upcoming transformations, as well as the potential risks and opportunities they bring.

The Global Agenda Council on Ageing aims to explore how stakeholders across sectors and geographies can capitalise on the economic opportunities presented by an ageing population and encourage business and governments to adopt age-friendly practices. 

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For more information: Call Age UK Advice: 0800 678 1174

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