Chaired by Dianne Jeffrey CBE DL, Chairman of Age UK, the conference programme features a high-profile panel of service experts, including...

Dan Corry, Chief Executive, New Philanthropy Capital,
Professor Dennis L Kodner, International Visiting Fellow, The Kings Fund, and Co-Director, Aetna Foundation Care Co-ordination Study Lord Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive, Turning Point, Dr Gabriella Spinelli, Director of the Business Strategy and Innovation Programme, Brunel Institute of Ageing Studies, Brunel University.



Morning plenary session


Chair's opening remarks
Dianne Jeffrey CBE DL, Chairman of Trustees, Age UK


Rising to the challenge
Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director-General, Age UK


A change in thinking: redefining services
Lord Adebowale CBE, Chief Executive, Turning Point
Dan Corry, Chief Exectutive, New Philanthropy Capital


Exhibition, refreshments and networking


Parallel plenary sessions
Delegates can select one of three parallel plenary sessions


Are we any closer to integrating health and social care?
It has been talked about for years but are we any closer to seeing local integration of health and care? Which models of real on-the-ground integration seem to be working and what can we learn from them? And will older people as they move from being ‘users’ to ‘customers’ bring about change themselves?

Don Redding, Director of Policy, National Voices
Professor Dennis L Kodner, International Visiting Fellow, The Kings Fund, and Co-Director, Aetna Foundation Care Co-ordination Study
Sonia Mangan, Chief Officer, Age UK South Lakeland
Chair: Dr David Woodhead, Assistant Director, Health & Wellbeing, London Borough of Hackney


Social Impact Bonds: better services or just new money?
Social Impact Bonds are the latest form of social investment that everybody is talking about. What are they? And do they just represent a new source of funding, or will the demands of an investor also lead to better services?

Phil Hope, Director, Improving Care
Ben Jupp, Director, Social Finance
Chair: Tom Wright CBE, Group Chief Executive, Age UK


Meet the Commissioners
This session will give an insight into what commissioners do, how their role and the commissioning process has changed and what providers can do to succeed in the new environment.

Dr Stephen Richards, Accountable Officier, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Lyn Romeo, Assistant Director Adult Social Care, London Borough of Camden
Interviewer: Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director General, Age UK

Lunch, exhibition and networking


Discussion seminars
Delegates can select one of 6 discussion seminars


Using social marketing to improve service uptake, quality and access
Why do some valuable services have low uptake, and why do some services have a low success rate? This session will explore how to use social marketing techniques to understand the potential barriers to using services, and therefore how services could be better designed to meet needs.

Dr Ray Lowry, Retired academic and Social Marketer
Chair: Emma Spragg, Head of Wellbeing Services, Age UK


Can the data revolution drive service improvement?
From the growth in user reviews to the government’s information revolution, service users will soon have access to more information about their health and the services they use than ever before. But does this drive service standards up or confuse service users? This session looks at the NHS and asks what are the types of information that make a difference to the quality of care and what do users want to know to make an informed choice about services?

David Kane, Research Officer, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) 
Kira Levy, Director of Development - Commissioning and Outcomes, iWantGreatCare
Chair: Lucy Harmer, Head of Information & Advice, Age UK


Understanding and reaching your customer
Are there hard-to-reach customers or simply better ways of reaching them? Understanding the wants and needs of your customer, and being able to effectively reach them, are fundamental elements of service design and delivery. This session will explore how greater knowledge of your customers can lead to unique insights that can be practically applied. We’ll also hear about outreach and engagement programmes that have being particularly successful in reaching the customer.

Andrew Beney, Research Director, Deep Blue Research
Simon Fanshawe, Partner, astar-fanshawe
Jude Palmer, Managing Director, Convey
Chair: David Mortimer, Head of Digital Inclusion, Age UK


Older people as providers
The workshop will share learning and inspire those attending to either run their own services or support older people to co-design and deliver services. During the session we will unpick the difference in provision from an organisation-led and older person-led service and the support needed to provide these types of services.

Caroline Bernard, Programme Lead, Older People and Ageing, National Development Team for Inclusion
Meena Patel , Project Manager for the Older Leader for Change (OL4C) in Mental Health, National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)
Mike Jenn, Chairperson, Camden Town Shed
Chair: Kate Adams, Head of Engagement and Volunteering, Age UK


Would greater customer involvement improve the quality of older people’s homes?
This session will demonstrate the benefits of customer involvement in the design and assessment of care homes and sheltered housing.

Professor Julienne Meyer, Executive Director, My Home Life
Maria Ostoja-Satzewski, Involvement Team Leader, Care Quality Commission
Lilias Gillies, Expert by Experience with Age UK
Chair: Julie McBride, Community Manager, Age UK Oldham


Using quality standards to improve service outcomes
This session looks at how we can use quality standards to drive improved outcomes for service users and provides practical examples of how to embed best practice in your organisation.

Simon Henderson, Head of Cancer Environments, Macmillan Cancer Support
John Edwards, National Manager: Quality Partners and Programmes, Age UK
Chair: Vicky Shepherd, Deputy Chief Officer, Age UK Blackburn with Darwen

15.10 Exhibition, refreshments and networking

Afternoon plenary session

Why service design matters
Dr Gabriella Spinelli, Director of the Business Strategy and Innovation Programme, Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies, Brunel University
Laura Warwick, Service Designer, Age UK Newcastle/Quality of Life Partnership
Lucy Harmer, Head of Information & Advice, Age UK


Service design: the impact of the user
Esther Rantzen, Journalist and Presenter

Chair's closing remarks


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