Workshop presentations

Below are presentations from workshops which took place at Age UK's first 'Services for Later Life conference' in July 2011.

Using new technology to empower older people and carers

  • Jennifer Bernard, Consulting Director, Social Care Institute for Excellence
  • Richard Manby, Head of Development, Slivers of Time
  • Chair: David Mortimer, Head of Digital Inclusion, Age UK

Demonstrating the outcomes and impact of our services - are you making a difference?

  • Shehnaaz Latif, Senior Evaluation Trainer/Consultant, Charities Evaluation Services
  • Chair: Emma Jupp, National Manager, Business Development and Support, Age UK

In this participatory workshop Shehnaaz Latif set the scene for how evaluation and monitoring must sit within a quality system in order to ensure a healthy and functional organisation. Shehnaaz established with participants that there was a varying level of understanding within the workshop about what the terms meant and how people were implementing outcome and impact measurement within their organisation.

Shehnaaz then introduced the group to the programme logic model which sets out how an intervention such as a project is understood or intended to produce particular results through the components of inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and impact. The group discussed various tools and methods for collecting information from those who use services and the challenges that measuring outcomes and impact presents to organisations.

Shehnaaz also talked to the group about balancing and managing the requests from funders for outcome measurement and ensuring that evaluation is also used to ensure that services make a real difference to those who use them.

opens link in new window Download Shehnaaz Latif's presentation

The Way we Pay - having the right payment mechanisms

  • Gill Catherall, Income Maximisation Team Manager, London Borough of Camden
  • Aileen Francis, Money Matters Team Leader, Age UK Norfolk

opens link in new window Download Aileen Francis's presentation (PDF 383 KB)

  • Chair: Lucy Malenczuk, Policy Officer, Age UK

Advancing equality in services for older people

  • Miriam Browne, Programme Development Officer, Age Concern Support Services (Yorkshire & Humber)

opens link in new window Download Miriam Browne's presentation (PDF 866 KB)

  • Tansy Hutchinson, Policy Manager, The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

opens link in new window Download Tansy Hutchinson's presentation (PDF 117 KB)

  • Chair: Claire Ball, Development Manager, Equalities and Human Rights, Age UK

Volunteers - making the most of a community resource

  • Rob Jackson, Director, Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd

Rob Jackson focussed the discussion by asking three key questions:

  1. Can volunteers deliver a quality service?
    He said that there is nothing inherent in volunteering that says volunteers can’t  deliver quality work. At its most basic level, ‘volunteer’ describes a pay category not a judgement on competence. Volunteers can deliver a quality service provided they are properly recruited, trained and managed.
  2. What about where that service is contracted?
    He stated that the source of funding doesn’t change the fact that volunteers are capable of delivering a quality service. The issues raised by contracting relate to the appropriateness of allocating work to volunteers or employees.
    So we need to consider:
    - What does the contract require?
    - What resources are available?
    - What are the risks and opportunities?
    - How do we then decide to allocate our resources effectively?
  3. How do you manage a transition from paid to volunteer delivery?
    He said there are three key things to remember:
    - Mission is king. We exist for our clients, not to provide employment for people.
    - Volunteering is not employment. Rarely will you replace one employee with one volunteer.
    - Be clear about why you involve volunteers and why you employ staff.

opens link in new window Download Rob Jackson's presentation (PDF 95 KB)

  • Chair: John Ramsey, National Volunteering Development Manager, Age UK

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