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Our legislative work aims to provide information to MPs and peers about how proposed legislation affects later life and how their work could improve the lives of older people.

We produce briefings on key Bills to outline our position as an organisation and key priorities for people in later life.

Our briefings are arranged into categories:

Money matters

Age UK Briefing - March 2017 Budget (PDF 174 KB)

Age UK Briefing - Fraud and scams, September 2016 (PDF 239 KB)

Age UK Briefing - Bank branch closures, August 2016 (PDF 170 KB)

Age UK Briefing - State pension age review, August 2016 (PDF 119 KB)

Age UK Parliamentary Briefing - Poverty, June 2016 (PDF 293 KB)

Effect of state pension age equalisation on women born in the 1950s, December 2015 (PDF 112 KB)

House of Lords Debate on the role of adult education and lifelong learning in developing skills (PDF 106 KB)

Age UK Summer Budget Briefing, July 2015 (PDF 123 KB)

Age UK Budget briefing 2015 (PDF 127 KB)

Pension Schemes Bill 2014 - House of Lords Second Reading Briefing, December 2014 (PDF 452 KB)

Pensions Schemes Bill - Second Reading Briefing, August 2014 (PDF 276 KB)

Pensions Bill Committee briefing House of Lords December 2013 (PDF 203 KB)

Age UK Pension Bill 2nd Reading briefing November 2013 (PDF 232 KB)

Consultation Response - Priority Services Register, September 2014 (PDF 300 KB)

Age UK Pensions Bill Third Reading and Report briefing October 2013 (PDF 230 KB)

Age UK Pensions Bill, 2nd Reading briefing (PDF 98 KB)

Age UK briefing on State Pension reform White Paper (PDF 41 KB)

Joint Financial Services Bill Briefing: Access and Inclusion (PDF 336 KB)

Financial Services Bill Briefing: House of Commons Committee Stage (PDF 151 KB)

Pension Credit and Universal Credit Briefing (PDF 229 KB)

Health & wellbeing

Discharging Older People From Hospital, June 2016 (PDF 275 KB)

The Health and Care of Older People in England 2015, January 2016 Update (PDF 1856 KB)

House of Lords Debate on the ability of the National Health Service to meet present and future demands, January 2016 (PDF 271 KB)

Care Bill Human Rights in Social Care Report Stage briefing March 2014 (PDF 412 KB)

CSA Care Bill Report Stage briefing March 2014 (PDF 202 KB)

Care Bill Commons Committee Memorandum December 2013 (PDF 335 KB)

Age UK Commons Care Bill briefing October 2013 (PDF 298 KB)

Age UK briefing on part 1 (Care and Support) of the 2013 Care Bill (PDF 384 KB)

Care Bill - Clause 48: Human Rights and Social Care briefing (PDF 390 KB)

Age UK Care Bill 2nd Reading briefing (PDF 237 KB)

Government Proposals for Social Care Reform briefing July 2012 (PDF 258 KB)

White Paper Briefing for Opposition Day Debate July 12 (PDF 304 KB)

Social Care Reform briefing June 2012 (PDF 89 KB)

Home & care

Excess Winter Deaths parliamentary briefing, June 2016 (PDF 398 KB)

Housing benefit cuts and supported housing, January 2016 (PDF 108 KB)

Safe at home, parliamentary briefing on housing, November 2015 (PDF 172 KB)

Age UK Warm homes campaign briefing October 2013 (PDF 177 KB)

Spread the Warmth Briefing November 2012 (PDF 49 KB)

Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhood (PDF 72 KB)

Active communities

Age UK Briefing - Transport Infrastructure, September 2016 (PDF 188 KB)

Electoral Registration and Administration Bill - 2nd reading briefing (PDF 104 KB)

Localism Bill 2nd Reading (PDF 104 KB)

Annual briefings (Queen's speech, autumn statment, budget and spending reviews)

Age UK's Budget briefing 2016 (PDF 122  KB)

Age UK Summer Budget Briefing, July 2015 (PDF 123 KB)

Age UK Budget briefing 2015 (PDF 127 KB)

Age UK Queen's Speech Briefing 2015 (PDF 259 KB)

Autumn Statement 2014 briefing (PDF 292 KB)

Pre-Autumn Statement 2014 Consultation Respone to HM Treasury (PDF 674 KB)

Age UK Queen's Speech briefing 2014 (PDF 317 KB)

Age UK Budget briefing 2014 (PDF 392 KB)

Age UK Spending Review 2013 briefing (PDF 75 KB)

Age UK Queen's Speech briefing 2013 (PDF 60 KB)

Age UK Budget briefing 2013 (PDF 68 KB)

Autumn Statement Briefing December 2012 (PDF 106 KB)

Queen's Speech 2012 Briefing (PDF 151 KB)

Budget 2012 Briefing (PDF 134 KB)

Ageing and older people 

Lords debate - the place and contribution of older people in society briefing December 2012 (PDF 210 KB)

Minister for Older People Debate briefing (PDF 57 KB)

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK 0800 169 8787

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