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Legislation and inquiry submissions

Our legislative work aims to provide information to MPs and peers about how proposed legislation affects later life and how their work could improve the lives of older people.

We produce briefings on key legislation and debates to outline our position as an organisation and key priorities for people in later life. We also submit evidence to Parliamentary inquiries on subjects affecting older people.

Some of our recent work is below and if you are looking for information on a particular issue please contact us to see if we can help.

Contact us to discuss how we can support you in Parliament  

Our briefings are arranged into categories:

Money matters
Health, care and wellbeing
Housing and homes
Active communities

2017 General Election briefings

Our briefings focused on the three elements of our campaign for dignity in later life: dignified care, a life free from loneliness and a decent income.

Election briefing: Dignified care at home, in hospital and in the care home (PDF 581 KB)

Election briefing: A life worth living (PDF 596 KB)

Election briefing: A decent income (PDF 673 KB)

Our response to the Queen's Speech (PDF 155 KB)

Money matters

Age UK believes that all current and future older people should have sufficient income from state and private sources to live comfortably and participate fully in society.

Age UK Briefing - Financial Guidance and Claims Bill, July 2017 (172 KB)

Age UK Briefing - March 2017 Budget (PDF 174 KB)

Written evidence - Financial exclusion, December 2016

Age UK Briefing - Fraud and scams, September 2016 (PDF 239 KB)

Age UK Briefing - Bank branch closures, August 2016 (PDF 170 KB)

Written evidence - Intergenerational fairness, February 2016

Health, care and wellbeing

Public health is just as important for older people as for other age groups and prevention even more so. Preventing poor health and health crises in older people should be an essential objective for health and care services.

Older people must be able to expect high quality care and support services that are co-ordinated and joined-up around their needs and circumstances.

Social care - Briefing for MPs, July 2017 (252 KB)

Human rights of older persons and their comprehensive care, July 2017 (PDF 214 KB)

Health and Care of Older People in England 2017 (PDF 2148 KB)

Discharging Older People From Hospital, June 2016 (PDF 275 KB)

Housing and homes

Older people should be able to live safely and with dignity in good quality, warm housing that meets their individual needs, free from exploitation and abuse.

Written evidence - Housing for older people, March 2017

Written evidence - Future of supported housing, February 2017

Excess Winter Deaths parliamentary briefing, June 2016 (PDF 398 KB)

Housing benefit cuts and supported housing, January 2016 (PDF 108 KB)

Active communities

Older people contribute a huge amount to society and the economy. Through work, volunteering, caring or grandparenting, older people take part in a range of activities all of which carry significant value. However, they face many barriers, including ageism, poor transport links and digital exclusion, which prevent them from playing a full and active role in the economy and society.

Written evidence - Bus Services Bill, March 2017 (PDF 226 KB)

Written evidence - Policing for the future, March 2017

Written evidence - Hate crime and its violent consequences, September 2016

Written evidence - Disability and the built environment, October 2016

Age UK Briefing - Transport Infrastructure, September 2016 (PDF 188 KB)

Become an Age Champion MP

Age UK and our supporters across the country have been asking MPs to become Age Champions. By signing up as an Age Champion, MPs agree to work to help make the UK and their community a great place to grow older.

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