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Local level statistics

The web links below are useful for finding information about older people in the UK. Some of them require you to register (usually no charge). These pages are places to find out information at the local level.

- Projecting Older People: Population Information (POPPI) 

Health and care statistics at England, Region, Local Authority, and District levels. Note: you have to register to access the data, but it is free - just click on the Register button in Login box. This covers ages 65+.

For ages 16 - 64, see the parallel site PANSI.

- DWP local stats (Tab Tool) Benefit (including carer allowance and pension credit) take-up at local authority and Region available.  

- NOMIS (Official labour market statistics - employment etc) Available at national, regional, local authority, and ward levels.

- Church Urban Fund poverty statistics At parish level, ranks parish paverty, and compares selected parish poverty on several indicators to the lowest and highest in the country. 

- Neighbourhood statistics Official National Statistics on many topics. Local Authority to Ward level.

- Active people survey Sport and exercise data split by age band (55+ is all older people); available at Local Authority level.

For more information: Call Age UK 0800 169 8787

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