Making managed personal budgets work for older people

This is a guide for local authorities, relevant professionals, Age UKs and other providers. It is intended to help them ensure that the majority of older people who are on managed personal budgets can benefit from the same level of choice and control as the minority who receive direct payments.

This April 2013 report highlights research and best practice findings on what older people want and need from a personal budget.

It identifies best practice in the support local authorities should provide and/or commission to help older people achieve the best possible outcomes from their personal budgets.

And it explores the person-centred practices that local authorities and providers need to use to make a reality of personalisation.

It also focuses on local authority support for self funders making similar decisions to those on a personal budget. It includes a variety of individual and service case studies.

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Alternatively, you can view chapters individually:

opens link in new window Contents, list of case studies, key messages and introduction (PDF, 789KB)

opens link in new window 1 The importance of personal budgets and direct payments (PDF, 272KB)
This chapter looks at the benefits of personal budgets for older people and outlines the incentives and challenges for local authorities and service providers in ensuring that personal budgets work well for older people. It considers progress made in the take-up of personal budgets by older people and what have been the main barriers.

opens link in new window 2  What do older people want? (PDF, 282KB)
This chapter summarises research findings around what older people expect from their care and support and their purchasing habits. It presents case studies that illustrate the sorts of care and support older people have chosen and what they say they may use in the future.

opens link in new window 3 What systems and practice methods are needed for personal budgets to work well for older people? (PDF, 344KB)
This chapter looks at some of the process and system issues that affect the delivery of personal budgets for older people, including managed personal budgets. It identifies some of the solutions that could support older people to have real choice and introduces the idea that having a personal budget is not the same as having control.

opens link in new window 4 Supporting older people to have full choice and control in practice (PDF, 440KB)
This chapter introduces the concept of person-centred practices, and that one way of offering person-centred support is by implementing Individual Service Funds. It also covers the value and benefits of peer support and the challenges in providing it.

opens link in new window 5 The contribution of the voluntary sector (PDF, 269KB)
The voluntary sector can make an important contribution to the implementation of personalisation and can assist local authorities in supporting older people to make the best use of their personal budget and, in doing so, support local authorities to meet some of their target outcomes.. This section brings together some of the points made earlier in this report and which are illustrated by the case studies that feature throughout. 

opens link in new window Endnotes (PDF, 331KB)

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