Housing benefits

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You could be one of up to 350‚000 older people who are entitled to Housing Benefit but are not receiving it. A simple claim could reduce your rent bills each week and cover some service charges like lifts and communal laundry facilities.

Can I claim it?

  • You must have responsibility for paying the rent.
  • If you are a couple‚ only one of you can claim it.
  • You cannot usually be living in a close relative’s household.
  • You need to have less than £16‚000 in savings. However‚ if you get Guarantee Credit here is no savings limit and your rent is likely to be fully covered by the benefit. The main exception would be if you have someone living with you‚ e.g. a grown up son or daughter‚ who is expected to contribute to the rent.
  • You must also be ‘habitually resident’ in the UK and not excluded from claiming because of your immigration status.

You can get a claim form by phoning the Housing section of your local council or by visiting the Department for Work and Pensions website.


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