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At Age UK Stockport, we spend a great deal of time pursuing funding for the activities and services we provide.


This is sometimes to fund research or pilot new developments, sometimes to meet shortfalls in funding, and also to support or continue existing work. It is also important for us to finance the central administration and core costs that allow the organisation to function, including IT, property management, volunteer management and recruitment, Woman at homeand the increasing time spent in multi agency work.


This year, fundraising focussed on:


  • New developments around Social Rehabilitation
  • Lifelong Learning and Community Support
  • Securing future funding for continuation of both befriending and intergenerational work
  • Undertaking much needed development of Well Check and associated services
  • The ongoing need to secure adequate funding for advocacy
  • Securing appropriate support for IT, volunteering and the overdue refurbishment of the Pop In Centre

By using a range of fundraising efforts, including approaches to a variety of trusts, many of these were achieved in some part. Priorities for the coming year will be to maintain and increase these sources and meet those not yet achieved.

This tick means you can give to Age UK Stockport with confidence:


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