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Helping Hands

Enjoy your life at home with a choice of trusted, affordable services

"Thanks for all you excellent service to us in the past year.....We are managing well with the family and your help."


Whether it’s someone to get the weekly shop done, make sure the house is spic and span or just a bit of company during the week, Helping Hands is there for you and your family. 


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We draw on decades of experience providing help and support in the Sutton community to bring you a service that is trustworthy, affordable, and flexible. 


What's more, we can help you apply for Attendance Allowance to help you cover the cost of the service. 

Helping Hands can be tailored to suit your needs


You tell us what you want done and when, and we’ll make it happen.

Your dedicated Helping Hands  Home Assistant can assist you or your loved ones with a variety of tasks in and around the home, so you can maintain your independence while enjoying everything later life has to offer.


Request a call back from the Helping Hands manager 

How can we help? 


A more detailed explanation of the services offered by Helping Hands can be foundhere


A helping hand to get back on your feet 

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Helping Hands now offers what we call a 're-ablement' service, which can support your loved ones to get back on their feet. 

Following a fall, illness or hospital stay, you or your loved one might feel physically weak, and confidence and mental wellbeing can take a blow. With our 're-ablement' service, you/your loved one will receive intensive support for a minimum of 2 months to help regain independence. 

Support includes: 

• Helping to develop, practice and maintain routines for carrying out domestic chores

• Improving indoor and outdoor mobility through encouragement​ and gentle exercise 

• Helping to gain the confidence to shop independently

• Helping to access transport (buses, trains, taxis etc) and practising using ​transport options​

• Support to prepare nutritious meals in a safe way

• Encouraging general well-being and motivation through befriending

• Building confidence to start​, accompany or resume​ a hobby, local activity or community interest

• Helping clients explore further options available to them (if required)

• Medication prompting and assisting

Helping Hands connects you to other services including: 

couple at home holding hands

  • Garden maintenance and clearance
  • Trusted tradesmen
  • Internet and computer classes
  • Lesiure and social opportunities 


How much does it cost? 


Our rates are very affordable, and we strive to keep it that way. 


We can help you apply for £50+ per week Attendance Allowance to cover the cost. 


There are many other services offered by Age UK Sutton, and as a part of Helping Hands, you will be connected to a network of support including information and advice, leisure activities, and computer classes among others.


What's more, because of our close working relationships with health and social care professionals, we can coordinate with them when putting in place a package of support. 


Peace of mind for you, your family and those around you from a person you trust 


We think it's very important for you to have a good rapport with your Helping Hand. We take great care when making a match, taking into consideration personality and requirements.


After all, this is a person you will be seeing regularly, and a friendly relationship between you and your Helping Hand is what we aspire to. 


All Helping Hands are directly employed by Age UK Sutton. They are reference-checked, interviewed personally by a senior manager and are police vetted by undergoing a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check prior to commencing their role

Contact or refer to Helping Hands

For more information, to make a referral or book an assessment

Interested in becoming a Helping Hand?


*Don’s Story helping hands case study


82-year old Don suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. This, along with arthritis and a heart condition meant Don was very shaky on his feet, and could only walk for short distances. 


It was increasingly painful for Don to continue to maintain his home and do his shopping. He couldn’t walk for a long time or carry heavy items. Although he was alright caring for himself, it was the little everyday things around the house which were getting too difficult for him. 


Getting by with a little help


The Helping Hands assessor who talked to Don at his home found he was proud of his independence, but fearful that he would be made to leave his home as he was finding things a little difficult around the house. 


The Age UK Sutton team then matched Don to a Helping Hand, who visited for 3 hours every week and helped Don with his housework, laundry and shopping and other things that needed to be done, like changing the bed linen and undertaking a good spring clean of the house. 


Don’s Helping Hand also noticed that Don was becoming very frustrated because his trousers were too big for him, and he couldn’t manage to go out to buy a new pair. While he out doing Don’s grocery shopping, the Helping Hand bought Don a new belt – a small gesture, but one which Don was immensely pleased about. 


The Helping Hands service ensured Don could remain independent in the home he loved, but also offered a measure of comfort and friendship that improved Don’s wellbeing. 


Don had this to say of his Helping Hand: 


“I enjoy the time we spend together. He assisted me with so much more. We ended up being good mates.” 


*name has been changed
*picture is for illustrative purposes only 

Fulfilment and joy in later life 


Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of all older people in the London Borough of Sutton, to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


Helping Hands is one of the few paid-for services that we offer. A majority of our vital services - including our befriending programmes, social activities and information & advice - are free. 


Your gift can help us to continue offering important and much-needed services for older people, their families and carers in Sutton. 


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