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David Hamilton

“Diddy” David is one of the legends of British Broadcasting. Early in his career he became an in-vision television announcer for ABC TV based in Manchester and appeared with Ken Dodd in the TV series, Doddy's Music Box. His first UK radio broadcast was as the host of The Beat Show from the Playhouse Theatre, Manchester, on the BBC Light Programme and he presented the final edition of Housewives` Choice . The BBC gave him his own daily show on Radio 1 every weekday afternoon from 2-5. The show was simultaneously broadcast on Radio 1 and Radio 2 giving it the biggest audience of the day. David has been heard on many commercial stations in the UK including Reading's Radio 210, Capital Gold and Melody FM. David is a big Fulham FC fan and several years ago was thrilled to be the club’s match day host and announcer, a task he continues to this day.


Photo: David Hamilton

Diana Moran

Diana Moran, aka the Green Goddess, presents We've Got Mail every week on The Wireless


Photo: Diana Moran