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Days Out

Days Out is a new type of day service that has been developed by Age UK Torbay in partnership with Torbay Social Services.

Who is it for?

Days Out is a service that has been designed to meet the needs of vulnerable older people in Torbay.


days out groupHow does it work?

Host carers open up their homes to groups of 3 - 4 older people for the day.  Each host carer is dedicated to a small group of "clients" who will visit on an agreed regular basis.


What does it offer?

Days Out offers:


  • a Monday to Friday service
  • a range of activities based on your interests
  • occasional trips out
  • a mid day cooked meal
  • transport to and from your home

What are host carers homes like?

All host carers homes are assessed for their suitability and safety by Age UK Torbay. All have a downstairs lavatory and most have some form of level access. Homes are covered by the Age UK Torbay Public Liability Insurance policy.


How do I apply?

Contact the Days Out Manager on 01803 226762 or



How much does it cost?

The charges will be dependant on whether you purchase this service privately or via Torbay Social Services, but please contact us to have an informal chat regarding charges on 01803 226762