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Cooking recipes

From warming and hearty stews to tasty treats, this selection of recipes are both delicious and healthy.

Meat and fish dishes

  • Gladys's beef stew

    With only 5-10 minutes preparation time, this recipe was kindly donated by Gladys from Cambridgeshire.
  • Fish pie

    This delicious and creamy fish pie provides a balanced meal with lots of protein.
  • Beef stroganoff

    You can make this flavour-filled stroganoff with beef, chicken or turkey.
  • Spicy fish

    This is a protein-rich dish that can be made in a pan or baked in the oven.
  • Salmon parcels

    This is an easy meal to make for one person and it doesn't require too much washing up either.
  • Fish and chips

    This recipe was prepared especially for Age UK by nutritionist to the stars Martin MacDonald.

Vegetarian dishes

  • Ratatouille pasta

    This delicious dish contains lots of vegetables including garlic to provide vitamins and minerals that support immunity.
  • Warming stew

    This is a low-calorie, healthy vegetarian dish that can be thick like a stew or thinner like a soup.
  • Lentil curry

    Lentils are a good low-fat source of protein and can be stored in the cupboard to be used again.
  • Vegetable patties

    This recipe contains a lot of vegetables, giving you some of your ‘five a day’.

Soups and sides

  • Sheila's vegetable soup

    With sweet potato, butternut squash and peppers, it’s quick to prepare and only needs a chopping board and large saucepan.
  • Mushroom soup

    This soup is packed with fibre from the mushrooms and makes a perfect starter or lunch.
  • Healthier chips

    Everyone in Julia’s lunchtime groups at Age UK Croydon was amazed at how tasty and quick these were to make.

Sweet treats

Celebrity chef, Tom Kerridge

Michelin-starred TV chef Tom Kerridge drops by The Wireless studio to talk to Julie Banks about his favourite ingredients and what he thinks makes ‘proper pub’ food.

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