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As most people embrace the new freedoms the lifting of restrictions bring, many older people in Barnet remain scared to go out. Our Finding your Feet scheme helps give them confidence to get back out into the world.

Who is the service for?

People who were independent and got around easily before the pandemic but have just lost confidence after long periods being confined to the home on their own. 'Maybe they would have taken the bus to the shops for the afternoon without a second thought but are now afraid to leave the house because they’re worried about tripping on uneven pavements,’ says Deborah from our Falls Prevention team. ‘They see hazards everywhere!’

What happens after a referral?

* Our falls prevention expert Deborah will visit the person's home to assess their mobility and provide exercises to build strength before they’re ready to venture out.

* Then Becky, who is coordinating the scheme, will match them with a trained volunteer to go out on regular walks together. The idea is that over a period of 4-6 weeks, they'll chat, offer emotional support and encourage them back into the world again.

‘They’ll start with short walks, which might be to the front gate and back, but will build towards an agreed goal, whether it’s going to the local shops, the park or attending a coffee morning,’ says Becky. ‘The idea is that they get to the point where they’re able to do what they did before the pandemic.’


How to refer someone

If you or someone you know needs some help getting back out there, please give Becky a ring on 0208 150 0967 or email 

We cannot match volunteers with people who need a Falls Clinic referral but needing a walking frame or walking stick is not a barrier to referring on to the service.


If you would like to become a Finding your feet/walking buddy volunteer, click here or email