Leaving a gift in your will

By remembering Age UK B&NES in your will, you can ensure we’re there to support older people in your community for years to come. Every gift, whatever the size, makes a difference.

Once they have taken care of their friends and family, many people choose to remember charities in their will that they have supported in their lifetime. It means that they can rest assured that their money goes exactly where they want it to go and their support can live on in the future.

In return, we guarantee that we will use your gift in the most effective way, bringing about the most impact. You don’t have to tell us about your plans, but if you do, we’d love to say thank you.


How to remember Age UK B&NES in your will

We strongly recommend that you visit your solicitor to write or amend your will. They will ensure that your wishes are clear for your executors to carry out.

All you need is our name - Age UK Bath & North East Somerset - and our charity number: 1110455. There are over 400 Age UKs around the country, so this is important to make sure your money stays locally.

You can also download this Codicil form to take to your solicitor.

What kind of gift?

There are three main types of gift you can include in your will:

Residuary:  This is a percentage of your estate once other legacies and costs have been paid. This is hugely beneficial as the gift will maintain its value over the years. Even 1% can make a huge difference.
Pecuniary:  This is a specific amount e.g £5,000. It’s worth remembering that inflation over the years will cause this gift to lose its value.
Specific item: This could be antiques, jewellery or property.

If you have any questions about remembering Age UK B&NES in your will, please contact Aimi on 01225 466135 or email fundraising@ageukbanes.co.uk.