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Get fitter, healthier and socially connected

  • Click here to join or call 020 8300 0883 to find out more

    Are you feeling a bit bored during lockdown? Do you want to meet people online, chat, and mix up your routine?

    Age UK is running weekly opportunities for older people in Bexley to meet online to share their covid experiences, tips for breaking up the day, and other ways of meeting the challenges of the current crisis.

    A member of Age UK Bexley staff will be on hand to support the chat and provide information on help across the borough every Tuesday from 10 am.

    Just turn up using the link above or give us a call on 020 8300 0883 to find out more on how to join in. Don't miss out!

  • Join here or call 020 8300 0883 to find out more

    It's time to get fit! Age UK Bexley knows that staying fitter and stronger is a helpful way to stay on top of this crisis

    Join the charity's specialist physiotherapist for online classes that will help keep you fitter, stronger and healthier. The classes will walk you through gentle exercise and physical strengthening activities.

    It's also a great way to meet new people, make new friends and ensure you stay confident and strong during the pandemic. 

    We are currently running an online Fit Move sessions to help you get fit from the comfort of your home.

    To find out more and register call us on 020 8300 0883

Want to know more about how to access our digital services?

  • Follow this link to watch our videos on accessing Zoom on your devicies

    We realise that using new technology is not always straight forward.

    The charity has had to adapt to the new realities of Covid-19, as have the way we deliver some of our services and support.

    Watch our videos on the following pages that will help you access and use Zoom to take part in some of our digital and on line activities

    Give it a go, you never know it might change your life.

  • Specialist training


    We have an exciting new digital training project in the pipeline, to help you or someone you know feel confident with technology and get online.


    We'll be releasing details in the coming weeks.


    Keep your eyes peeled!