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Feel Confident Online

We are very happy to announce that we are going to be running a Digital Training course in partnership with Learning & Enterprise College Bexley (LECB).

What you will learn

The course will cover the essentials that you, or someone you know, will need to feel confident being online. We will look at:

  • How to find information online, whether that’s finding important phone numbers that you need, or requesting help and services

  • Staying connected with family and friends using social media and online video call platforms

  • Doing your shopping online (from buying food to presents) and how to stay safe while using the internet

Where and When 

Where: Training can be accessed via our network of Befriending Cafe's and other small group projects delivered across the borough

When: Contact the charity for more details on where you can join one of our groups. 


Don't hesitate

We only have six places available