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For the most up to date information on managing during this Covid-19 crisis please click on the image.

At Age UK Bexley we recognise that these are challenging times for older people and their families across the borough. We have made changes to our services, and initiated some new activities in response to impact that the current situation has made on our staff, volunteers and those who have traditionally used our services.

We are continuing to add to our portfolio of support, and currently the charity is delivering the following activities and support:

  • Information on support and services across the borough including referral to our own specialist support
  • Welfare Advice; our advisors continue to provide specialist support on the legal and financial rights that older people have access to.
  • Befriending; our befriending service is operating a comprehensive telephone support and response service where the social isolation of older people has exacerbated loneliness and social isolation
  • Digital Socialising; the charity has initiated a number of opportunities  for older people to get together using on line and digital tools. Activities include coffee mornings, light physical exercise, music and art.
  • Volunteering; still crucial to our service, volunteers continue to support the charity in a range of ways. As our services develop in response to the crisis so we continue to look for new volunteers to support our efforts
  • Footcare; our footcare service is open again to new and existing users. In a strictly managed clinical environment we continue to ensure the feet of older people are happy and healthy
  • Dog Walking; If you need your dog walking as a result of shielding or other restrictions on your independence we can help that too.
  • Gardening; if you garden has become unmanageable since the crisis kicked off, we are currently establishing a new service to get it back into shape
  • Walking; We will soon be relaunching our walking groups though in a modified form as small groups to conform with current rules on social contact.

We will continue to expand this list as the situation evolves and the needs of older people across the borough change with it.

Please contact the charity on 020 8300 0883 on these services or any other activities the charity is developing.