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Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve the lives of older people in Bristol.

Our vision

Our vision of Age UK Bristol is one in which:

  • We are seen as the foremost voluntary organisation championing older peoples’ interests in Bristol.
  • Older people from all cultures and backgrounds in Bristol identify us as being relevant to their lives.
  • We always seek to work cooperatively and in partnership with any other organisations which have similar aims.
  • We have a reputation for being forward thinking and innovative.
  • We work with older people and carers as partners in what we do.
  • Our organisation is well run and on a firm financial footing.

Our values

Age UK Bristol will aim to:

  • Involve older people and their carers fully in the planning and delivery of services.
  • Be creative and fast footed in responding to needs and opportunities.
  • Work in a committed way with partner organisations.
  • Promote equality by treating staff, colleagues, volunteers, and stakeholders with respect.
  • To reach older people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Our strategic aims and objectives

  • To provide, commission or support others to deliver a range of quality services and initiatives that address those issues which are important to older people in Bristol.
  • To reduce isolation and promote an independent lifestyle for older people in Bristol.
  • To promote a positive view of the contribution that older people make to society.
  • To help local older people to remain living in their own homes for as long as they wish to do so.
  • To campaign to improve services locally.
  • To ensure that Age UK Bristol is financially strong and well run.