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Try our ClipIt service to help you to stay comfortable on your feet

Who is it for?

The service is for

  • anyone resident in Bromley or Greenwich,
  • aged 55 and over and
  • who has physical frailty or disability which means they are unable to cut their own nails

We undertake home visits and also cut toenails at Clinics across Bromley and Greenwich.

Due to the current Pandemic our services are more restricted than usual. We will be operating an at home services as well as a limited ammount of clinics. For the latest information on provisions please email or call 020 8315 1867 / 020 8315 1853.


1st appointment £35 - this includes £10 for tools
Subsequent appointments £25

1st appointment £25 - this includes £10 for tools
Subsequent appointments £15

We provide basic toenail cutting and filing as well as assisting to cut fingernails and this can be of particular benefit to those suffering from mild to moderate Diabetes. Please note we can only treat clients with a blood HB1AC level of 8 and below.



Please note this rating only applies to the Home visit Clip It Service.

We have put an action plan in place and are working hard to improve this rating.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our rating, the report or would like to voluntarily provide feedback regarding the Clip It service, please do not hesitate to contact the Service manager on 020 8315 1875