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Moving On Together - Future Events

Published on 10 September 2019 10:17 AM

Moving On Together is a new group for former carers in the borough of Bury. 

Future Events

Sunday 22nd September. Bury Parish Church. Meeting up outside with our tickets to attend the ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ concert. Meeting by Bobby Peel at 2.20pm. Tickets are £12 and can be obtained by phoning 0161 797 1748.

Monday 14th October at 2pm. New venue for our regular monthly meetings will be St Johns Church Hall, Parkinson Street. Off Walmersley Road. On the second Monday of each month.

This will be a chance to get to know each other in a private meeting venue. Come along for a chat. We will be having a table quiz and a talk on improving our health.

Tuesday 29th October at 1pm. Meet for a snack/coffee/lunch (your choice) in the Fusiliers Museum before having a conducted tour of the Fusiliers Museum at 2pm. Cost for the tour £5.

Monday 11th November at 2pm. St Johns Church Hall. A chance to chat and we will be arranging an activity.

Monday 25th November at 2pm. Visit to Mayors Parlour, Bury Town Hall. We have been invited to have tea/coffee and a biscuit with the Mayor and Mayoress of Bury

Monday 9th December at 2pm. St Johns Church Hall. Christmas will not be far away, and we will be having an activity appropriate to the season.

Monday 16th December. Christmas Lunch at Red Hall.
Set Menu. Soup, Turkey dinner and Christmas Pudding.
2 courses £10.95, 3 courses £11.95. Deposit of £5 will be required.

Please share our ideals of supporting each other through this difficult time of our lives and invite others who you feel will benefit from joining us. Your ideas are very welcome.

Moving On Together is a new group for former long-term carers. It has been set up by former carers in Bury and will organise activities and events to bring people together. The launch meeting took place on Monday 22nd July, and this was well supported by former carers from Bury. John, Brenda and Barbara from the long  established group, "ROLE ON. Charity for Wirral former Carers", joined the new Bury group to share their experience and ideas. 

Moving On Together