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Dance Fit Fun

This weekly women-only session uses the movement found in Middle Eastern dance to help strengthen muscles supporting the spine, knees and hip joints, improve flexibility and help build core strength. It's fantastic for improving posture too. It is low impact and you are free to dance at your own pace.

It's not a course, so you can come when you can-if you miss some, that's OK.

What to wear – basically anything you like and can move around in. Most people wear a T shirt and stretchy trousers/leggings or a T shirt and long skirt. Usually we dance in bare feet. The floors in the venue are good and nice to dance on. If you want to wear something on your feet, slipper socks with a non-slip sole (like Totes) will work, but trainers or shoes will be too heavy

It's also really good fun :-)

The dancers in performance at the Jubilee Centre Showcase, July 2018