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When Colin lost his wife, he found bereavement very difficult. He reached out to the Jubilee Centre and it made it a difference to his life, in a way he did not expect.

Colin writes “I found myself sitting at home, with no interest in anything really. I had heard about Age UK Bury’s Jubilee Centre and decided to find out more about it.It was very difficult coming in for the first time. Diane was the first person I saw and she explained what activities there were. I felt welcomed but on the first visit, I sat at the back and watched the dancing.”

Colin was encouraged to try a few dances by another member and he started to take dancing lessons to build up his confidence. In time, he met Joan and they were married in 2009.

Colin writes “When I reached out to take hold of the lifeline that is the Jubilee, I began the start of a new life. I am proud to be part of the Jubilee and I would say to others - Come up and give it a try. There is something for everyone." 

Colin and Joan