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Here is a list of all our staff and volunteer policies and procedures. Each can be viewed on line or downloaded. You may attend our offices to print a copy.

All staff and volunteers are given an induction which includes information upon these policies and procedures.

If you are a member of staff and have any questions, please contact your line manager.


1. Anti-Bribery Policy.pdf

2.Clear Desk Policy.pdf

3. Code of Conduct Staff.pdf

4. complaints - approved - AUKCAP.pdf

5. Computers, IT& Social Media policy and code of practice.pdf

6. Confidentiality - approved AUKCAP.pdf

7. Conflict of Interest.pdf

8. Data Protection.pdf

9. DBS Disclosure policy .pdf

10. Disciplinary Policy.pdf

11.Drivers handbook.pdf

12. Environmental Policy.pdf

13. Equalities Policy.pdf

14. Family Friendly Benefits Policy+ appendices.pdf

15. Gifts, Tips and Bequests - v2AUKCAP.pdf

16. Grievance Policy.pdf

17. H&S Policy and manual 002.pdf

18 General risk assessment Dec 2012.pdf

18.1 Appendix 3 HACCP.pdf

18.3 Appendix 4 DSE Updated.pdf

18.4 Appendix 5 COSHH.pdf

18.5 H and S Safety Appendix 6.pdf

19. Health Safety Policy (003).pdf

20. Loneworker Policy and Procedure.pdf

21. Media Relations.pdf

22. Mileage Policy (002).pdf

23. Mobile Phone Policy.pdf

24. No Smoking Policy.pdf

25. Record Keeping Policy.pdf

26. Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure.pdf

27. Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy.pdf

28. Redundancy Policy and Procedure.pdf

29. Remote Working Policy.pdf

30. Risk Management Policy.pdf

31. Safeguarding Policy.pdf

32. Staff Support, Supervision and Review Policy and PROCEDURES.pdf

32.1 Personal annual review template NOV 10.pdf

32.2 SELF ASSESSMENT for annual review.pdf

33. Time-Off and Absence from Work - approved AUKCAP.pdf

34. Training Policy.pdf

35. Unreasonably persistent callers.pdf

36. Whistleblowing Policy.pdf

37. Private Policy

38. Eye Test

39. Adverse Weather Conditions Policy