Two organisations who can help are AskSARA and Safe and Well.

AskSARA is a self-help guide that enables people to identify items of equipment that might help them in their daily lives. It provides information on a wide range of equipment options, plus information on manufacturers and local suppliers.

Safe and Well can help you choose the best daily living aids for you and where you might be able to try them out locally. Whether you are getting older, have recently been in hospital, have a disability or are caring for someone Safe and Well will help you choose the best daily living aids for you, suggest places you can buy them and let you know where you can try them out locally.
Safe+Well™ is a service run by NRS Healthcare and supported by Cambridgeshire County Council. Safe+Well™ is designed to help people who want or need to buy their own daily living aids. They can help you understand what daily living aids can help you and where you can go to buy them

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