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It is estimated that 40% of older households in the UK are living in fuel poverty. This means that once their heating bills are paid, their remaining income falls below the official poverty line.

                  Help Age UK Camden support Older Camden residents this Winter!                                                           

Rapidly rising energy prices can be a huge issue for many older people who tend to be on lower incomes and often live in homes that cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. If you cant afford to keep your home warm enough, in addition to the immediate physical discomfort and financial strain, your long-term health is at greater risk.

"We are hearing from many local residents who are concerned about paying their bills this winter. Unfortunately, one older person dies every seven minutes during the colder months in this country. We hope to do everything we can to prevent any unnecessary suffering here in the borough of Camden."

Its very important that we maintain our crucial community services that provide, in many cases, a life-line for our vulnerable older people, providing some of the fundamentals of health and wellbeing, human interaction, friendship and activity.

With every donation, we are able to support those who need us most this winter. Donate today and help us change lives! 

  • The Facts

    • 10,100 people over 65 are living alone in Camden
    • 1,846 people over 65 are living with dementia
    • 40% of older households are living in poverty
    • 1 older person dies every 7 minutes during the colder months

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