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Walking Football has incredible social benefits for participants. It creates opportunities for friendship, confidence building and encourages social experiences on and off the field. With a wide range of participants, male and female, anyone eligble for our services (over 50) is welcome to join us.

Active adults have a 20-30% reduced risk of premature death abd 50% less risk of chronic disease, but by the age of 55-64, only 32% of men say that they take the recommend of strenuous exercise five times a week. 

Older people who play Walking Football have more muscle, harder bones, better cardiovascular systems and more jumping height and strength. This applies especially to women. Older people who participate also have lower heart rates and blood pressure, less fat and better oxygen absorption; and their leg bones have more mineral content which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Where is my local session?

Polo Farm, Littlebourne Road

Who should I contact and how?

Neil Brown, Age UK Canterbury

t: 01227 462368

Anything else I should know?

Starting on Thursday 30 November 2017 

From 1.15pm - 2.15pm Cost £3.00

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to someone or to find out more, please contact us on 01227 462368 or alternatively, you can email us at: