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:Age UK Carlisle Together with Cumbria County Council  have launched a new fall prevention campaign ‘Get Up and Go’ to promote simple steps that can be taken to avoid falls and raise awareness of the types of exercise people should be taking to prevent a fall.

Judith Robinson  is our new Community Falls Prevention worker, who will be visiting community groups and events around Carlisle and Eden to promote falls awareness.

If you would like Judith to visit your community or become a ‘Falls Champion’ please contact her on  Carlisle 01228 536673 or e mail her at

Prevention Is better than a cure 

By carrying talks to groups, we are able to highlight possible hazardous areas within the home and in turn make minor alterations where necessary.

click on the link for  help with exercises

The service is available to anyone over the age of 60 in Carlisle and Eden surrounding areas. If you are in any doubt about the availability of the service near you then please contact us. 

  • anyyone who feels an older person is at risk of falling or who has fallen can contact us, for example health & social care agencies, voluntary organisations, carers, relatives, friends or neighbours. And of course you can contact us yourself. 

Top Tips for staying steady

There are some simple things you can do stay steady on your feet. Here are some top tips to help you to improve strength and balance and to feel more confident if you are worried about falling

 1 Exercise regularly
Focus on activities that challenge your balance and strengthen your legs, like gardening, dancing, tai chi or special balance and stability classes.

2 Check your eyes and hearing
Regular sight tests and reporting ear pain or difficulties with hearing can identify problems that could affect your balance and co-ordination. Eye tests are free for everyone over 60 and for any problems with your ears, speak to your GP.

3 Ask about your medicines
Certain medicines can make you feel faint or affect your balance. Let your GP or pharmacist know if you ever feel like this, as they may want to change your dose or look at alternatives.

4 Visit your GP
If you’ve had a fall or are worried about falling, tell your GP, even if you feel okay. There could be many reasons and, equally, many ways to help you feel confident again.                                                                                                                                                        

5 Vitamin D for vitality

Vitamin D is essential for keeping bones strong – the best source is sunshine. Try going outside without sunscreen for a few minutes around lunchtime every day during summer. Take care not to let your skin redden or burn. Some foods such as oily fish or eggs also provide vitamin D.

6 Count your calcium
A balanced diet rich in calcium will also help to keep your bones strong. You can find calcium in milk and dairy foods such as cheese and yoghurt, fortified soya products and canned fish.

7 Check for home hazards
Make sure your home is hazard-free and well lit. Organise your things so that you’re not at risk of tripping over any wires, clutter or loose or frayed carpets.

8 Look after your feet
Problems with your feet, especially anything that causes pain, can affect your balance. Be sure to wear well-fitted shoes and slippers, and report any foot problems to your GP or chiropodist.