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Age UK Carlisle and Eden is one of only four Age UK brand partners across the country chosen to undertake this pilot project. Running until October 2020, the main aim of the project is to reduce the risk of homelessness in older people.

Who can we support?

Any older person who is homeless or faces the threat of homelessness.

How we can help?

Age UK Carlisle and Eden can provide information, advise and support during one-to-one sessions with the older person at a convenient location.

Looking in-depth at the following areas –

  • Housing options available to them.
  • Rights under security of tenure.
  • Entitlements to adaptations and/or repairs
  • Income maximisation.
  • Trusted Assessor assessment can be undertaken to establish any low-level aids or equipment needs.

What else can we do?

As an addition to the one on one work, we can also offer talks to local groups of older people, friends, families, and professionals, to raise awareness of the support available for making home improvements, maintaining independence at home and financial assistance available.