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How does Place Based Prevention work? 

The Place Based Prevention helplines act as one stop shops for independent information and advice.   Where a client could benefit from more assistance, we arrange a home visit by one of our Case Workers to provide face to face support and complete a holistic assessment of needs - with our staff supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing and maintain independence. 

TO CONTACT THE HELPLINE FOR CARLISLE AND EDEN.............................01228 633331

A dedicated phone number and specialist officers to take each call in confidence. We’ll make sure that everything’s covered so you get the right information and advice. And we’re often able to give answers and solutions there and then.

We get calls about so many things and we deal with hundreds of different questions. If needed, we’ll arrange for one of our case workers to make a follow-up call. Or we might decide, together, that it would be better for a partnership organisation to get in touch.

Who does Place Based Prevention work with? 

The Place Based Prevention programme is for anyone in Cumbria who is aged 50 and over and needs help to deal with issues they are facing and wants support to improve their quality of life.  Our Case Workers can help with a very wide range of issues including: 

  • General well-being – helping tackle feelings of depression or loneliness; feeling worried or struggling to relax; dealing with bereavement
  • Income and employment – checking people are claiming all the benefits to which they are entitled, helping with money management
  • Housing – help and advice for those who are struggling to manage their home or feel unsafe
  • Social isolation – for those who feel unhappy with the level of contact they have with friends and family or who need help accessing local activities
  • Leaving hospital – making sure people are safe and supported in the first few weeks after they leave hospital
  • Health – reducing the risk of falling at home, general health advice and help with staying fit and active
  • Aids and adaptations – equipment or minor adaptation needs in the home to help with mobility / daily living 

TO CONTACT THE HELPLINE FOR CARLISLE AND EDEN.............................01228 633331


Place Based Prevention uses Compass in Cumbria – a ground breaking way of linking the third sector, Adult Social Care and Health – for more information go to