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Supporting older people living in the rural districts of Eden and Carlisle to improve their health, wellbeing and community involvement.

How REACH works...

REACH takes a whole life approach to supporting people who are over 50, and living in rural isolation, to improve their finance, fitness and friendship. 

Those who feel they could benefit from support in any of these areas can refer themselves to the REACH team or a referral can be made on behalf of an individual by health and social care professionals or friends and family. 

Upon referral a REACH officer will visit clients in their own home to assess their needs and develop a support plan.   

The support REACH officers can provide will depend on individual circumstances and what people would like to achieve in their lives but to give you an idea REACH could help with the following areas: 


Helping to maximise income with support to claim benefits and grants and advice on finding the best deal on utility bills.


Support for clients to access local groups to improve their Health and Well-being. 


Help to make friends and engage in the local community including support to choose and attend social activities or even start a new social group.

The REACH team can support clients for up to 6 months to make the changes they would like. 

The aim is that the changes we support clients to make during this time will have a lasting impact on their health, wellbeing and social involvement allowing them to get the most out of later life.

For more information or to make a referral please contact one of our REACH officers.  

Carlisle District 
Tel: 01228 536673   

Eden Districts 
Tel: 01768 863618 (Penrith)