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Thanks to support from Shell Energy, Age UK Cheshire, will be able to help older people keep well and warm this winter.  

Our Information and Advice Service will be providing advice on benefits and money related issues, with the aim of maximing income, reducing fuel poverty, and getting access to the support you need in order to to live independently.  

Our trained advisors will arrange home visits, meetings at community venues or liaise with you over the phone, to suit your needs.  Our advisors will look at completing a benefits check with you, identifying the income you currently receive and what other benefits you might be entittled to, as well as supporting you to apply for these (where applicable).

Included in the advice sessions, where eligible, the advisor will help you to apply for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.  

Advice is free, impartial and confidential and also means that Age UK Cheshire can refer people to additional services and support.

For more information and advice on how to save money on your energy bills, download Age UK’s Save Energy Pay Less and Winter Wrapped Up guides. Older people and their families can also check out Age UK’s energy saving top tips – see below.  Older people and their families and friends can also seek advice from the Charity’s free, Age UK Advice helpline 0800 169 6565.

Our Warm Homes Project will be running from November 2019 until March 2020.


Contact Us

If you are interested in accessing this service or would like further information, please contact our Information and Advice Service on (01244) 401500 or email:


Energy saving top tips 

  1. Saving energy at home is easier than you may think. Simple steps such as drawing your curtains in the evening can minimise heat lost through windows, and tucking long curtains behind radiators will stop the heat from getting trapped. And remember to keep radiators and heaters clear so the heat can circulate.
  2. Did you know that draught proofing your house could save you around £25 a year on your heating costs? And it couldn’t be easier - simply use draught excluders to prevent heat escaping under doors, seal gaps around window frames and fit covers to letter boxes and keyholes.
  3. Make sure you switch appliances off when you’re not using them, rather than leaving them on standby, and unplug chargers even when they’re not in use – many still use electricity when they’re plugged in, even if they’re not connected to anything. You may be surprised to know that this simple step could save you around £30 per year.>
  4. Do you have a ‘time-of-use’ tariff such as Economy 7, which charges you less during off-peak hours? If you do, you can save money by running your washing machine and other appliances then. If you’re not sure about timings, simply ask your provider.
  5. If you have a dripping tap that you’ve ignored for a while, make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible. Dripping taps can waste the equivalent of half a bath a week.
  6. Make sure you take time to understand your thermostat, as setting it wisely can save you energy and money. Your thermostat controls the overall temperature in your home and stops it getting warmer than it needs to be.
  7. Have you put off switching energy suppliers because you think it’s a hassle and time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. Price comparison companies can help you find the right deal. And if you’re not online, they can help you over the phone. Once you’ve found the right deal, the new supplier will sort out the switch for you, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the savings on your bills.
  8. If you’re of pensionable age, or have hearing and/or sight loss, or a long-term illness, contact your energy supplier to find out about their Priority Services Register. Being on the register qualifies you for a range of free services and support. The services vary between different suppliers, but could include help during a power cut, free quarterly meter readings and a free yearly gas safety check.
  9. Double glazing is a great way to reduce heat loss and noise from outside. It can be an expensive option, but you could save £80-£120 per year if you install it throughout your home. Or, you could just double glaze the rooms you use and heat most often.
  10. Is your boiler over 15 years old? If it is, you might want to consider replacing it as a new boiler will be more energy efficient. Boilers account for more than half of what you spend a year on energy, so an efficient boiler can make a big difference. Call the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234 to find out more.

For more simple energy saving tips and advice, see our guide Save energy, pay less. Get a free copy by calling Age UK Advice on 0800 169 6565 or download it from