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Care Home Connector Service

  • Location: Age UK Croydon
  • Price: Free
Call 02086 860066 for more info

Age UK Croydon
81 Brigstock Road
Thornton Heath
United Kingdom

Linking residents and their care homes to services in the local community of Croydon. We aim to enable you to become more connected, less isolated and more informed.

How can the Care Home Connector Service help?

The Care Home Connector Service is a partnership between Asian Resource Centre Croydon and Age UK Croydon. It provides a valuable link between care homes, residents and their families with the support and services which are available in the local community. This could be with health and social care services or community and voluntary sector groups. We aim to ensure good communication between all those involved in your care, follow up on actions and provide information on support or activities which are available in the local area.

At the initial assessment, we will find out what is important to you, establish your goals and create an action plan. With your agreement, we can also make onward referrals or signpost to other organisations who may also be able to support you.

Our service strives to deliver:

Person-centred care: Your specific needs and what is important to you are at the centre of our work.

Holistic care: Support will cover different aspects of your life and your particular needs.

Co-ordinated care: We collaborate with those involved in your care and services or activities that you may need.

Access and opportunity: We can provide you with information to help you access the services within the borough

How to access our service?

If you would like to be referred to our service, please speak to a member of your care home staff, GP or other professionals involved in your care and support. With your consent, they can then make a referral into our team by completing our referral form. You can also make a self referral by telephone: 0208 686 0066 or email:

Who can make a referral to our service?

The service is available to all adults residing in a Care Home, who meet the eligibility criteria for the service below:

• Adults registered with a Croydon GP and residing in a Care Home
• Adults requiring access to multi-professional working as identified by GPs, PCNs, Care home staff, locality teams and other Care Home professionals.
• Care Home residents and families requiring support with coordination of care, navigation through services and information on local groups or activities.