Values and Behaviours


Vision, mission and ambition

Our vision for a world in which older people flourish is shared with our national partners across the UK. 

Our mission is to improve life for older people.

Our ambition is for

• a world where we celebrate ageing and treat people of all ages fairly, with dignity and respect
• financial security for us all and an end to poverty in later life
• better health for longer and improved care when we need it
• excellent support to stay independent when we are frail or caring for loved ones
• communities where every one of us is able to have fun, take part and have a voice
• diversity to be recognised and support for the most vulnerable to be provided
• products and services designed to meet our needs as we age.

Values and behaviours

Our values support the way we do our work. The purpose of the values is to create a sense of unity and inspire behaviours that are needed and lead to success. 

The identified behaviours show how we work with each other, customers, partners and stakeholders.


We put people at the heart of what we do.  We are determined and passionate about making life better by

• always putting older people first
• listening to and valuing what other people have to say
• respecting our colleagues and clients and endeavouring to gain and inspire trust
• always acting in a friendly and professional manner, showing empathy and being supportive
• providing encouragement and acknowledging other peoples’ contributions
• always considering the impact of our actions on other people
• valuing other people’s judgement.


We take responsibility for, and pride in, making a positive difference by

• delivering excellence in everything we do
• questioning and challenging the status quo
• inspiring others and being inspired ourselves
• demonstrating a ‘can do’ attitude
• being innovative and tenacious in achieving goals
• learning from our mistakes and building on success
• seeing change as an opportunity not a problem.


We strive to get the best and get results by

• doing what we say we’re going to do
• monitoring our work and evaluating results to enable us to continuously improve
• seeking opinion, listening to people and taking action
• being accessible, approachable and professional
• working efficiently, avoiding waste and achieving value for money
• being proud of our achievements and celebrating and sharing success
• managing our time efficiently.


We enable people, build confidence and provide practical support by

• taking delegated power, authority and autonomy within clear boundaries
• taking personal responsibility and being accountable for own decisions
• giving time, guidance and advice
• coaching, mentoring and supporting to develop to full potential
• giving recognition and praise for a job well done and ‘going the extra mile’
• giving constructive feedback, learning from mistakes and building upon successes
• trusting in each other’s capabilities and judgements and taking informed risks.


We work together and involve others.  We ask, listen and respond by

• advancing equality, embracing diversity, and promoting human rights
• treating everyone with dignity and respect
• maintaining a culture where everyone feels valued and included
• treating people as individuals, recognising that differences exist and responding to varying needs
• enabling people to share their ideas and be involved in our work
• listening to what is said, being responsive and supporting people to make choices
• communicating effectively in a timely manner.

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