The Community Calculator

We developed the Community Calculator as part of Towards Common Ground - a campaign for lifetime communities in Wales that work for people of all ages.

The Community Calculator allowed people to judge how age friendly their community is based on a total score out of 100 - the higher the overall score, the more age friendly their neighbourhood  is.

We received a total of 669 completed Community Calculators from across Wales between December 2009 and September 2010. 

We analysed the results, and produced a report which had three primary aims:

  • To provide a snapshot evaluation of each of the ten elements in communities across Wales
  • To present the issues raised by older people, in their own words
  • To increase awareness of and commitment to ensuring the characteristics of age-friendly communities are a reality across Wales.

Out of the ten elements of age-friendly communities that were audited by older people, public toilet provision was the most pressing concern.

Older people have told us that there is a serious lack of public toilets in Wales.

They also told us that where they are provided they are often poorly maintained, with inadequate access and hygiene facilities, or even permanently locked.

The results from our findings can be found in our Key Findings of our Community Calculator (PDF 1MB) Canfyddiadau allweddol y Gyfrifiannell Gymunedol (PDF 1MB) Report.    


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