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Valerie is 72 and from Cardiff. She had her personal details stolen and used by scammers to apply for a £10,000 loan.

"In March last year, I got a letter from the Nationwide building society saying they were processing an application for a £10,000 loan that I'd applied for online.

"The application had been made to the Derbyshire Building Society – which I believe is a subsidiary of Nationwide, from an online account.

"I've got an account with Nationwide, but I had never used it online and as soon as I got the letter I rang Nationwide to say I had not applied for a loan.

"I also visited my local branch of Nationwide the following day to report the fraud.

"It would appear that someone had used my details and hacked into Nationwide's systems and tried to borrow £10,000 in my name.

"Not only that, but they had also managed to change the contact telephone number on my building society account and added their own email address to it as well.

"The £10,000 loan application was cancelled and Nationwide's fraud department were informed of it and that's the last I heard of it.

"I don't know how or where the scammers got my details from, but it has made me very worried."

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