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BT’s Digital Switchover – Q & A



BT’s Digital Switchover – Q & A 

The following questions are based on conversations we’ve had with older people in recent months.  We took the questions to BT and attached their responses underneath each question.


Will call blockers, used to prevent scammers from contacting older people, still work after digital switchover? 

Call blockers will no longer be necessary following digital switchover. There will be a new in-built service called Hiya that will automatically block scam calls. (See attached). 


Some people reported being switched to the digital system without prior notice. 

BT uses an automated system that requires their customers to provide permission before they are switched.  This permission may have been granted up to 40 days previously so there is a possibility that some customers may have forgotten about granting permission. 


NB* We’ve heard about several instances where customers reported being switched over without prior notice.  If you believe this has happened to you then contact the complaints line using the numbers below.


If a customer has an old handset that will need replacing, will BT cover the cost? 

Unfortunately, not. The customer must pay for the new handset. However, 99% of phones will work on the digital platform.


How long will the backup phones last in a power cut? 

Ofcom requires telephone suppliers to provide at least one hour's worth of back-up.  However, BT provides up to four hours of back up via a battery for some vulnerable people. 


What will happen to those people who live in areas with poor broadband? 

BT are currently working on a system to circumvent poor broadband.  Until that system is fully developed people living in such areas will remain on their analogue system. 


Will people using local authority commissioned support services such as personal alarms, still be able to use their equipment? 

BT has data sharing agreements with all 22 local authorities in Wales to identify those using support services and make sure that all their equipment is compatible. 


What if I need more information or need to make a complaint? 

Any questions or complaints can be raised by calling 150 from a landline or 0330 1234 150 from a mobile phone. You may also visit 


What about other phone providers?  

Virgin Media and Talk Talk are actively switching over their customers while other major providers are waiting to see how matters develop.  In such cases it is best to contact your supplier by using the contact number at the top of your billing letter to find out more.


If you would like to share your experiences of digital switchover, please contact Michael Phillips on 07794 366224 or email


Last updated: Jun 07 2024

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