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Loneliness and isolation are a daily reality for many older people in Wales, with 75,000 older people reporting that they ‘often of always’ feel lonely. The detrimental effects that loneliness has on older people are well documented.

Isolation and loneliness has been an area of key activity for Age Cymru. Our campaign activity has raised public awareness of the causes and solutions to tackling loneliness and encourages communities and individuals to take action. We aim to provide solutions through the provision of information and advice to older people and through our healthy ageing programmes. In 2017 we held a Loneliness round table which proposed a series of actions.

We hope that the provision of small grants would be helpful in getting small scale activity off the ground while organisations show their potential and establish their fundraising activity.

This scheme will offer small grants (of up to £1000) to provide funding for activities in local communities that could be established to mitigate isolation and loneliness.

This page will give you information on completing the application on programme delivery, and how to access GIFTS and set up your account. These include

  • Programme and delivery Guidelines
  • A sample of the questions you will be asked in the on line application form
  • GIFTS information and latest FAQs
  • Link to the application form

Please note - the sample application questions document gives you an idea of the questions we will ask of you in the online application form. Please do not attempt to fill this form in as we will only be able to accept online applications.

Buzzacott are aware that there are currently issues with GIFTS Online. This has been reported to Blackbaud who will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

How to set up your account for GIFTS

Please read the GIFTS guide to understand how you register for GIFTS.

This is a three step process:

First step - Please check with your CEO to see whether or not a generic account has been set up for your organisation. If a generic account has been created please liaise with the relevant person in order to use the organisational log on and password.

If your organisation has not set up a generic account or this is the first time you are applying for a grant on our new platform - please set up your account

Second step - Once you have an online Gifts account, you can access the Isolation and loneliness grants. You will then be prompted to log into your online Gifts account and will be taken to the application form. You only need to do this once - to view the form again, follow the third step below.

Third step - To go to your GIFTs account homepage (for example if you would like to complete and submit a saved application or to review your previously submitted applications)

Please ensure you read all the guidelines before completing your application. Guidelines, gifts guide, questions for loneliness grants and a word version of the application form is available to download below.

Further information


You may find the following document(s) useful

You can download other guides and factsheets from our list of publications

For more information: Please call Age Cymru 029 2043 1555

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