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How we made a difference to Mr D

Mr D called Age Cymru Advice about a leak in the roof of his mother’s house. He wanted to know what support there was to help him get the leak fixed.

What did we do to make a huge difference

Our information and advice officer clarified some details with Mr D and then suggested he could get help with the repair from Care and Repair and also suggested that reputable tradespeople could be found via Trustmark - a Welsh Government endorsed resource for finding quality, reliable tradespeople.

By adopting a person-centred approach to supporting the individual, our adviser established rapport with Mr D with an empathetic, congruent and non-judgemental approach, which is conversant with the ethos of the service. Our Adviser conducted a thorough exploration of Mr D’s situation and uncovered that Mr D was not coping very well with the situation.

Mr D was grieving for his mother and found the job of sorting through his late parents’ belongings very upsetting. Our adviser explored the situation further and through active listening and empathetic responses found out that even though Mr D lives in Cardiff his wife still lives and works in London and he had no family or friends nearby to support him through this difficult time. Mr D said that the house was full of stuff that his mother had been hoarding and he just didn’t know where to start. Our adviser told Mr D about Care and Repair’s Attic Project which supports older people to organise their personal possessions so that they can live as independently as possible.

Our adviser then asked Mr D about the comments he made about having no support nearby and reflected that it must be difficult for him to be so far away from his wife at this time. Mr D then opened up further, explaining that he had been made redundant three times and was feeling very low. He said he knew no one in the area and was feeling very isolated and lonely. Our adviser asked Mr D if he would like to talk some more about these feelings and Mr D got quite emotional at this time but said he felt that he really needed to talk to someone. Our adviser listened to Mr D talk about his situation and through this conversation our Adviser uncovered some facts about Mr D’s interests that would help with the suggestions that followed. Mr D said he would like to access social activities in the Cardiff area. Our adviser informed Mr D about several local befriending projects and because Mr D had mentioned an interest in music and rare musical instruments, our Adviser introduced Mr D to some special interest groups run by the University of Third Age, some of which sounded like they were just the sort of thing Mr D was looking for and would connect him with like-minded people with a passion for music and musical instruments.

In addition, our Adviser asked Mr D about his finances, as he mentioned that he was concerned about how he would pay for the repairs. Mr D was not aware of his pension options and wasn’t sure if he had access to all his private pension pots. Mr D is surviving on a basic state pension and some small private pensions and as such is not entitled to any further financial support. Our adviser informed Mr D about Pensionwise; the impartial service run by the government that helps people understand their options when it comes to getting the most from their pension funds. Our adviser also provided Mr D with the details for the Pension Tracing Service who would be able to help him trace any missing pensions.

Finally, our adviser summarised the conversation and the information and advice provided to ensure Mr D had all the contact details he needed and helped him prioritise his plan of action.

What outcomes were achieved?

Mr D called Age Cymru about a leaky roof and from that, he not only received the details of two organisations who could help him, he also found that support was available to assist with his feelings of isolation and loneliness. Mr D was provided with the contact details of a service who could help him manage his finances and help him identify and get access to his missing pension pots.

Moreover, Mr D was left with the feeling that he was able to access support from a variety of services. Mr D was particularly upbeat and excited about the prospect of engaging with the special interest groups relating to his interest in music and rare musical instruments and was given the reassurance that he could contact Age Cymru Advice again in future for any additional queries he may have.

Mr D said “From feeling totally isolated I now feel that there is a world of opportunity out there. I’ve trained people in customer service and the way that your adviser explored my whole situation was exceptionally good.”

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