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We're so grateful to donors and supporters for their time, expertise and financial contributions. Without the support of our volunteer fundraisers and donors we would be unable to carry out the vital work we do for older people in Wales.

We respect the fact there are many older, vulnerable people in the communities where we operate, so we abide by a charter to give our supporters peace of mind. You can be sure we would never knock on people's doors in order to ask for donations and we'll never sell your personal information to other organisations.

These are just two items in our charter which you can download below.

Should you have any cause for concern or complaint about our fundraising please email the Fundraising Team or call us on 029 2043 1555. 

Further information


You may find the following document(s) useful

You can download other guides and factsheets from our list of publications

For more information: Fundraising 029 2043 1555

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