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We want all our amazing supporters to stay safe and legal! Please remember it’s not worth taking any unnecessary risks. Your local council will be able to provide relevant information and advice on the topics below.

Health and safety

For free health and safety advice the Health and Safety Executive website is a great starting point.

First aid

Always consider first aid provision; providers include St John’s Ambulance or The British Red Cross.

Events in a public area

Remember to inform the Police and your local council well in advance when holding an event in a public space e.g. a sponsored walk. You may find you need special permission which they'll be able to help you with.


Check references, certificates and qualifications of any suppliers such as caterers, event organisers or venues before considering using them.


When preparing or handling food yourself, please remember to adhere to basic rules for the safe and hygienic preparation, cooking and storing of food. Please consult the Food Standards Agency for further information.


If you want to serve alcohol or organise a live music event and are not holding your fundraiser on licenced premises you will need to apply for a temporary event licence from the council. You’ll also need a licence to serve food after 11pm. Speak to your council in advance to check requirements. 


If you’d like to do a collection on private property you’ll need to get permission from the owner or manager. Age Cymru operates a policy of not doing any door to door selling or doorstep canvassing so please do not attempt to ask for donations by knocking on people’s homes.

Raffles and lotteries

If you’re looking to run a raffle or lottery it’s important to remember that they are subject to strict laws. To ensure your fundraising runs smoothly and legally you can get advice from the Institute of Fundraising or the Gambling Commission.

Promotional material

When you’re fundraising for us you are operating independently of Age Cymru. All the promotional material we provide will have ‘in aid of Age Cymru, registered charity number 1128436’. However, if you’re preparing your own material, you’ll need to ensure that this line is included. If you’d like to include our logo just get in touch.

Please remember that if you are in any doubt about anything just contact Age Cymru!

Advice line:
08000 223 444

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