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With fuel costs rising, many of us worry about paying our energy bills, so make sure you’re not missing out on any benefits or discounts you’re entitled to.

We've got some simple changes that can help you save money without sacrificing any warmth:

  1. Keep your radiators and heaters clear of furniture, run the washing machine at a lower temperature and unplug chargers when they’re not in use.
  2. Draw your curtains in the evening to minimise heat loss through windows. Tuck long curtains behind radiators to prevent heat from getting trapped.
  3. Defrost your freezer every six months to ensure it runs efficiently.
  4. Consider switching energy supplier. There are lots of energy companies and tariffs to choose from. Watch out for extra charges, and check how long special offers or discounts run for to get the best price. Our free factsheet Switching energy supplier has useful information.
  5. Claim all the benefits you’re entitled to. As well as a Winter Fuel Payment, you may also be entitled to a Cold Weather Payment, and the Warm Home Discount on your electricity bill if you receive Pension Credit. Use our online benefits calculator to find out what you are eligible for.

Difficulty paying your energy bills?

Tell your energy supplier as soon as you can, so they can help you work out a repayment plan.

To find out more about help with heating costs, download our help with heating costs factsheet below.

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