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Rebecca Phillips - Volunteer Officer

What does your role as Volunteer Officer at Age Cymru involve?

Listening and supporting and being impartial – watching people develop and enhance the skills that they have.

I really enjoy my role as volunteer officer and listening to the achievements that both volunteers and participants have overcome.

You work with volunteers on a day to day basis, so what difference do you see in someone from the time they first join as a volunteer to when they run their own classes?

Confidence that they gain along the way and the impact that they have on another people’s lives, seeing people compacting being lonely and making new friends and that benefits that it has had on their health.

What do you enjoy most about being a Volunteer Officer?

Listening to the volunteers milestones and the participants, seeing people develop and gain confidence and building new friendships

What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming involved with volunteering?

Give it a go, it’s fun and we will support you along the way, it makes such a difference to other people’s lives and your own, and you will have fun, without volunteers, programmes like ours wouldn't be able to run.

Physical activity volunteer

If you're interested in volunteering with one of our physical activity programmes, tai chi, nordic walking or low impact functional training, why not get in touch. Our team can let you know of classes in your area, if there isn't a class in your area and you'd be interested in setting one up, then why not get in touch.

Why not volunteer with us?

If you'd like to discuss any volunteering opportunities with us, from working in our office or in a shop in Wales, please fill in our short application form. We have lots of opportunities for you to get involved.

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