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Tracey Davies

Volunteering Role: Tai Chi Instructor

Why did you want to volunteer with Age Cymru?

I wanted to volunteer in some capacity following my retirement but it had to be the right role. I wanted an element of caring and improvement and was struggling to find something that would suit. I had also had an interest in Tai Chi.  So when I saw an advert from Age Cymru looking for volunteers to teach Tai Chi I knew I had found exactly what I wanted.

What difference to your life has volunteering made to you?

As well as introducing me to Tai Chi which I find beneficial for me personally, learning something completely different and continuing to learn has been mentally stimulating. It’s also added some structure to my week following retirement

What do you enjoy most about your volunteering experience?

There are many. I get joy from teaching older people how to do something new and hearing the positive feedback from them about how they have benefited from Tai Chi has been lovely. I have met lots of lovely ladies through my volunteering. I really love practising Tai Chi and I am continually trying to expand my knowledge and learning on the practice.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of becoming involved with volunteering?

My first advice is to spend some time finding your niche but in that I don’t mean doing something that you are familiar with, be adventurous, think outside the box, as long as it encompasses your values, I don’t think you can go wrong. I think this is important as if you don’t enjoy it you won’t continue. Other than that I would highly recommend volunteering.

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