Flu and the flu jab

Colds and Flu - Protect yourself and others


As most people know colds and flu spread easily by coughs and sneezes so simple hygiene measures such as covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough/sneeze and washing your hands with soap and water can help reduce the risk of it spreading.

Seasonal Flu

Over the past few years, you may have heard a lot about different sorts of flu virus, swine flu and the available vaccinations.  To make sure that you know the facts from the myths, please read the infomation below.

What are the common symptoms of seasonal flu?

Symptoms are usually worse than a cold and include a fever, chills, headache and extreme tiredness, aching muscles.

Will antibiotics help?

No, flu is a virus and not bacterial, so antibiotics won't treat it.

What harm can seasonal flu cause?

  • For the fit and healthy, you may only get mild symptoms
  • If you have a long term health problem, it can make it worse
  • It can lead to serious illness' such as bronchitis and pneumonia and even a hospital stay
  • Every year people die from the flu

What is the seasonal flu vaccination?

  • It will help your body make antibodies to protect you from the flu
  • It will NOT give you the flu as it doesn't contain a live virus
  • New vaccines are produced every year as the viruses change    

When do I get the vaccination?

  • The seasonal flu vaccination is FREE for those who are over 65 years old or have a long term condition
  • If you care for an elderly or disabled person then you should have the vaccine to protect those you look after.
  • It is generally available from October onwards and GP practices have been asked to invite every patient who is eligible for their vaccination.

This year it will be easier than ever to get an NHS flu jab if you are at risk. Make an appointment with your GP to have a flu jab or ask one of the many community pharmacies who are providing free NHS jabs this year without an appointment.

Is there anyone that can't have the vaccination?

Those who have a serious reaction to the flu vaccine or have a serious allergy to hens eggs cannot normally have the vaccine.
This leaflet tells you what you need to know about the flu vaccination.

Flu vaccination - protect yourself and others (File Size:1 MB)

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