Adjusting your poles


Adjusting your poles

People come in all sizes and heights. With adjustable poles you can lengthen or shorten your poles as needed.

1. To adjust the pole height, hold it diagonally with your left hand on the upper section and your right hand on the lower section. Begin turning the lower section in your right hand, towards you, a couple of turns or until you can slide the sections apart easily.

2. Place the pole upright and with your hand holding the grip, bend your elbow 90 degrees, making small adjustments in the height of the pole as you get into position.

3. Lock the correct adjustment by holding the pole diagonally again with the lower section in your right hand. Begin turning the lower section away for a couple of turns until you feel the sections start to lock.

4. Now, place the pole in the upright position and straighten your arm, allowing a slight bend at the elbow…that’s it, the correct Nordic Walking position for maximum traction and power.

5. Put your hand into the strap and you’re ready to go.

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